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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sick as a Dog!!!!

I have been sick all week. I know I am sick when I can't even think about sewing. I did get some sewing done over the weekend however, before my bout of stomach flu got a hold of me!! This however was not sewing for me, but for my sister. It was my sisters birthday last week and I promised her I would sew her up a gift. Now sewing for other people can be a challenge! I know how to fit myself so well by now that I forget how tricky fit can be!!!! I have rules about sewing for others, mostly the rule is, I don't do it!!! Now don't get me wrong, I have daydreamed endlessly about opening an etsy store to sell my wares or doing some seamstress work on the side to earn a little extra money but at the end of the day they are just dreams. Why you ask? Because I don't want my fun sewing time to turn in to the stress of work!! So that means that when I sew for others, I do it for one reason, LOVE!! It is the only way to get through the project without throwing my sewing machine out the window and/or at the other person!

Now, my sister is still losing her baby weight, and doing a great job of it! But because I know that she is actively losing weight, I don't want to take the time to make her something that is super tailored and will be a pain to take in later. So I decided to go with the super easy skirt pattern pictured above. What-an-epic-fail!!!!!! I wish I had taken the time to take a picture of said skirt after it was sewn up. The pattern is cute and simple enough, but at the end it just look like a gathered frumpy sack with elastic in the waste! HMMMPH! So I set about ripping it apart, I was not going to waste this fabulous sugar skull fabric. I hate ripping and I had to rip off patch pockets, very carefully as to not create a hole that would have no remedy. I got it apart and used the skirt for the bottom of the top I decided to make her. I draped the bust right on her to make sure we got good coverage of the" girls".

Here is the result. It pulls over her head with 3 rows of elastic to accentuate the waist and create a shirring effect. The top front is folded over and sewn down leaving a casing that I slipped the shoulder straps through. The straps gather the top of the front bust and go over the shoulder and are attached at the back bust. She really loved it and it was not only very flattering, but just what her wardrobe needed.

Then to make me feel better after all of the craziness, she danced around a bit to make me giggle!!! So at the end of this adventure, making this birthday gift for my sister,I realized that sewing for family isn't so bad, especially when you have an awesome sister who lets you try things on her without protest and makes you laugh while doing it!! I forsee many more sister projects in the future!!! 

On another note, I have plans to participate in this weeks sew weekly challenge. The theme is Spanish Harlem, come on, how could I not participate?! I did however just have a couple days of pure hell, due to stomach flu. So I have gotten no sewing done all week. I have my fabric and my pattern and it is sitting in my sewing room calling my name, of course I don't think it is quite safe to sew when your head is still spinning. So maybe I can get it done by this weekend if I am feeling like myself again by Friday. Hey, it still counts as long as it's in before the end of Sunday right? and the last time I checked Sunday ends at midnight, so if I post by 11:59, I'm good, right? I hope everyone is feeling better than me!!!!!


  1. I think the skirt looks good on skinny people - the model sure have long legs. On the other hand, you made a skirt into a blouse which is not a bad thing. Your sister likes it and that is all that matter. You reminded me what I did a week ago - a miscalculation on a skirt and instead throwing it out - I made it into a halter for my daughter who thinks it was the prettiest thing. I do hope she did thought so as she is only 22month old.

  2. I agree, this skirt would probably look great on thinner people. I guess it is just as important to pick patterns that will suit your body as it is to pick the right fabrics for a pattern! Good save turning your skirt into a halter top for your daughter! I always try to save a project, even if I have to turn it into something totally different!

  3. Very nice top. Making things for others is a blessing and a curse. The curse is just after you say yes, the blessing is when you get it right.