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Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays!!!!!!

Happy Holidays everybody!! I know I have not been blogging as of late and I am sorry for that!!! I have been very busy getting ready for the holidays and working my day job for all it's worth to be able to afford the holidays!! We had a nice Christmas in these parts and I hope that you all had a lovely day with your families! We had two lovely dinners, one on Christmas eve and one on Christmas day. The children could not be happier with all the fun and gifts. We spent a couple of laid back days just enjoying each others company, eating, drinking, and being merry. As for the picture up above, you will notice with your keen eyes that one of the stockings is a sock, lol! at the last minute I realized that I had not made a stocking for my youngest son! My husband thought it would be funny to hang a sock up there instead. Don't fret though, I whipped one up for him quickly after I realized that the sock was hanging there, unfortunately, these pics were already taken, documenting my epic fail as a crafting Mama for all posterity to witness.

Also whipped up was this last minute green dress. I had started a couple dresses this week that were doomed to the UFO pile. I was so busy and had such a limited time and the fabrics for the other dresses were just not fabrics that could be rushed to take form. Maybe I will pick them up another time and finish them. I hate leaving unfinished business. So I made this little dress out of a simple poly cotton blend, which is great for a rush job. The hemline is shorter than what I usually do because I didn't have much of this fabric, oops! It is cute anyways but to be honest with you, the zipper came out super wonky, one of my worsts and the dress was pretty tight. I really liked the color and the style though so I may buy some more of this green fabric and make it again, in a bigger size, and with a longer skirt!

My daughter got a simple little dress in a pretty fabric, the one she is wearing above. I will have to take some better pics of it, but she was happy. She also got a new nightgown which I surprised her with on Christmas morning. I kept it completely from her sight until she unwrapped it. I had sprayed it with some cotton candy scented body spray before wrapping it as well. I think scent memory is important and I hope that when she is all grown up and smells the scent of cotton candy she will remember the pink princessy nightgown her mother sewed her for Christmas!

So that is our lovely Christmas!!!!!!! Oh, can you see the box in the corner of the last picture of my daughter? That is my new super awesome sewing machine that my hubby bought me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooooo excited about it!!!!!!!!! It is a Brother, because that is what I love to sew on and all of my presser feet from my old machine will still fit the new. It is a CP-7500. While it is not an innovis, it is a much better machine than the one I had before. I will do a full review on the machine once I get a chance to give it a good test run.You can check it out here. SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's to hoping for a fun new year's celebration and a 2012 full of prosperity!!! Happy Holidays to you all!!!!!!!!!!

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