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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Road Trip Activities

Hello all!!!! Well we leave today on our road trip!!!!!! I am all packed and ready to go! Packing for a family of 7 is no easy task, but with a little discipline I was able to get it done! Let us hope that I did not forget anything essential! The only thing that I am dreading a bit is the actual drive. We will be driving for about 9 hrs, no small task if you ask me. I , however, will not be doing any of the driving. That will be my husbands task, I pack, he drives. I also have very very very bad ADHD!!!!!!!!!! This is no joke, a real diagnosis!!!! I have been able to work my condition to my favor in my life by becoming a mutli-tasker extraordinaire!!!! Unfortunately ADHD and a 9 hr car ride don't go well together! So I must be sure to take plenty of activities to keep me busy! My favorite thing to do on a car ride is knit or crochet! For this road trip I have chosen to crochet. There are a plethora of fabulous free patterns out there on the Internet. I decided that a purse or bag of some sort would be a nice road trip project. I plucked a few patterns off of some of my favorite websites and I have yarn and hook at the ready! So here are a few pics of what I may churn out on the road. A rose by any other name..... To embellish my bags.

I love this little purse! So cute and a little retro. Don't know what color to use quite yet, I have to check my stash and see what I got.

And this little bag, it is a little back pack. I would do it in one color though, not too big and that fat stripe color contrast thing going on there. I got the bag patterns at Lion brands website. They have tons of free patterns! I also like this site. I also like this site.

There are also many other fabulous road trip activities to partake in thanks to my IPad! I love that thing, expensive as all hell, but worth every penny IMO. I can play games, anybody up for some angry birds? I can read as well. I have the Barnes&Noble nook app and love it. I love a good old fashioned paper book like anyone else, but it is nice to have my whole library in one compact little portable tablet! I tend to devour books, so you could imagine how many I have and how hard it would be for me to take them everywhere I go. I read all types of books, deep and philosophical and fast and trashy all alike! Right now I am reading the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. It is a 6 book series so far, I think she has a 7th book in the works. It has a little bit of everything but mostly werewolves and vampires and skin walkers, which relates to my road trip, the skin walker part. This is not Twilight though. I love the Twilight series, even though I have not been a teen for a decade, it makes me feel like a teenager again, in a good way, not in the I don't fit in anywhere, no one understands me kinda way. But the Mercy Thompson series is not Twilight, it has some similarities but it is definitely more horror, but not too scary and it does have some romance but not to heavy. I wish it had more romance actually. My next novel after this series will definitely be one with a stronger romance emphasis. These books are a good read, I fly through them and can't put them down. I recommend them to anyone who likes the scifi/fantasy genre.

For the kids, we have many activities as well. We have portable dvd players, which are a life saver. We have coloring books and reading books, and children luckily can sleep anywhere! How I envy that, I will not be doing any sleeping.

So readers, what road trip activities do like to partake in? I am looking forward to my trip and can't wait to post all about it!!!! Until next week!


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