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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fabric Haul and Boys Shirts Progress

First of all, I got some Fabric!!!!!!! Woot woot! It may look like a small fabric haul, but this little haul ran me over $100! Dang, fabric is expensive! I bought most of this online, except the hot pink and black patterned one, which I bought at walmart. That little piece is for a simple dress for my daughter for back to school. Also the hot pink with orange polka dots, love the polka dots, is for my daughter. I bought every single piece here with a specific project in mind, instead of just mindlessly buying a length of something pretty with the idea that I will use it someday for something. That is how you end up with pieces of fabric that have been in your stash for 2 years because you have no idea what to use them for! So these fabrics already have a purpose. I have a pair of high waisted jeans, a blazer with a peplum, a skirt, a dress, and the yokes for my boys shirts in this pile! not to shabby huh?! Speaking of the boys shirts, I started on bash brother #1's. This project is really fun and exciting for me so far! I have never sewn a boys shirt like this before, complete with collar, collar stand and lets not forget that awesome yoke! It is coming together smoothly so far, knock on wood that I don't run into any snags!

For the yokes I am very proud of myself for knowing how to fold and press the bottom edges to get a perfect point. Funny thing is that I learned how to do this by chance. I was standing in line at the grocery store behind a gentleman that had this style of cowboy shirt on. His was all white, even the yoke and you could see through it where it had been folded and pressed prior to construction. I could see that there was a little triangle of fabric folded up first and then the sides would fold up nicely into a point. I took a mental picture and stored it away in my little sewing info tool box for safe keeping! Let's not talk about how weird it is for me to be staring at peoples clothes in public and dissecting them in my head though. Good thing I did too because the pattern instructions don't show you how to do this. They just say to press it up and the drawings are pretty vague.

My points came out fabulous, no?! Very happy so far with it. It should be done by the end of the day today and then it will be on to Little Man's shirt. Look out for that. They are doing a western theme over at The Sew Weekly, what a coinkidink! These are western with a rock and roll edge! Besos!

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