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Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Day at the Fair

We went to the county fair yesterday. It was an interesting outing. This fair is quite small compared to the one they have every year in my hometown. But I guess that's what you get when you move to a town disguising itself as a city. I love it here though. For that reason specifically, the small town feel with the benefits of a big city. I wore my finished outfit that I made this week. This is a bustier top that I made with some left over black linen that I had after making my hubby some shorts. I used my altered mcalls M6325. I ommitted the front button placket and added a couple of inches to the back length and shirred it a bit. It was just for a bit of stretch though because I still had to make it button up in the back to properly get in and out of the top. It fits like a glove! I am increasingly pleased with my fitting lately. Either I am getting better, or I am on a lucky streak! Maybe a little bit of both. Here I am with my cat eye glasses on. I looke like I am missing a leg here, kinda creepy. But I like the way the skirt is all fluffed up with the wind!

Here it is from the back, you can see the buttons here in the top. I made the skirt this week as well. I made my own pattern. So simple with this kind of skirt. Just a front and back and a waist band. I used a zipper and a button for the closure. In this pic the skirt is a little sideways so the skirt button looks further back than it is. This is my new favorite skirt by the way, I think I will make like 50 more in different fabrics. My son took these pics of me by the way. He is 10 and I torture him consatantly by making him take pictures of me, LOL!!!!!!! You never know, maybe he will grow up and become a famous photographer, and he will thank me for making him take all these silly pictures!!! My neighbors grandmother saw me yesterday and said I looked very 1957, she would know cause she was there, so I was very pleased!

Here are all the animals we saw. The kiddos love animals of all kinds, just like me. It makes me happy to know that I am raising children who are very loving and caring towards animals.

This was little mans first real scary ride. I had the worst butterflies in my stomach, like if I was on the ride! He went on with his uncle, I'll leave those types of things up to him, as I am not a fan of scary rides. I was very scared for him, I thought he might cry or scream. To my amazement, he did not at all, in fact he thought it was "AWESOME" in his own words and had a smile from ear to ear. These little rights of passage get me all choked up! We had a fabulous time and I felt fabulous in my handmade outfit. Now I must take a temporary pause from making myself clothes and get working on back to school clothes for the kiddos. Look out for that.


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