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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sewing for Boys

In the world of home sewing, boys get jipped. It is a sad but true reality. As a mother of 4 boys, I am ashamed to say that I barely ever sew for them. Recently they have been taking more and more interest in my sewing and asking me to make things for them. I am making an honest effort and will be debuting a few finished projects on here soon. So I thought that it would be nice to share a few fabric and pattern finds, some that I have bought and some that I am covetting, that are ideal for the little men in your life. All of these fabrics were spied on Hawthorne Threads. I will be showing you prints, since solids are the obvious choice. Monkeys in bermuda from artist Ann Kelle's Urban Zoology Part 2 collection. This is a great print for the younger gents in your life. I could see my 1 year old rocking this with a big smile and a paci in his mouth!

Gears in orange by Rashida Coleman Hale, I Heart collection. I can see this as an accent over a grey solid for one of my older fellas. Possibly the yoke on the cowboy shirt pictured below. I love Orange on little boys!

Car Chase in Blue by Timeless Treasures City life collection. Every boy likes a good car chase, no?

Cute Bots in Blue also by Rashida Coleman Hale, I Heart Collection. I love robots! They are simply fantabulous! What? That's not a word?! Whatevs!

Super Heroes in Multi from the Retro collection by Micheal Miller House Designers. I can't rave enough about this fabric designer and this collection. Love love love!!!!!!!! Jigsaw Camo in Black also by Micheal Miller for the Etreme Team collection. My boys love camo in all it's varieties. They like to pretend that they are soldiers, it is very cute, bordering on violent, but cute.

Skulls in Black from the Pirate collection by Emily Taylor for Riley Blake Designs. I have already purchased this lovely little fabric to make the yoke on the cowboy shirt for Bash Brother#1 for his back to school wardrobe. Look out for that. I love skulls, pirate skulls, sugar skulls, all kinds. Little boys tend to love them too!

Ships in Gray from the same above collection. These are just a few options that I have listed here. Hawthorne Threads has many many more, boy appropriate prints available. I'm sure that on other fabric sites you can find some great stuff as well, Hawthorne is just my favorite. Yes, these are quilting weight cottons, but like I have said many times, why not sew garments with them? It's entirely up to you! I am going to have to make that my official fabric disclaimer! LOL!!

So here are a few patterns for boys. There are very little on the market. Maybe it is just because there are less style options for boys? Whatever the reason may be, with a little bit of creativity you can turn any one of these patterns into something great. Just play around with color and fabric choice.

This is the famous cowboy shirt I mentioned already about 50 times! I love this pattern because it has some extra styling with the contrasting yoke. We are not a very country family though so don't be suprised when my final version looks nothing like what a cowboy would wear! I promise it will be more rockabilly than anything else!

This little number comes in sizes for everyone from baby to dad! Talk about multi-size patterns! Try to look past the hawaiian print please! This could be a great simple shirt in many colors and prints. And the baby's little onesie! Don't even get me started! Although, right away, I would eliminate the elastic in the legs!

Well that is that for this little post. If you would like more boy-centric sewing you can click on the about the boy link on the side of my blog, which will take you over to Dana's Made blog, Love her!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has some great stuff, which I hope to sew up one day! I would also like to direct you to this. I saw it on my facebook feed this morning and signed up for their mailing list. They are coming out with a book all about sewing for boys! By Gosh we will start a revoloution yet!!!!!!!!!


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