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Monday, July 18, 2011

What I Did This Weekend

Happy Monday yall! I had a super busy weekend, very productive. I am a jack of all trades, master of........some. First and foremost I will start with a bit of what I sewed up this past week. I was not feeling so well through out the week but I was able to whip up this quick shirred summer dress for my Sissy! It is pink gingham, which she requested. She just had a baby and needs some new clothes and these little shirrred numbers are so effortless for the summer and really it only took about 2 hrs total cutting and sewing time. I cut my fabric wider at the bottom and slimmer in the bust instead of two rectangles, I guess they would be trapezoids....does that make sense? This makes the dress have a nice full skirt that twirls, and makes your waist look smaller!

Then I was Lucha the car detailer for the rest of the weekend. My hubby's birthday is coming up and as a gift this year instead of giving him some random electronic gadget, I made over his truck! Now I know what you are thinking, sounds a bit, odd. It really was quite a simple process, just labor intensive, and my arms feel like they are going to fall off! In total, I painted his grill black, from the plain metal color that it was. I tinted his back lights with night shade paint, I painted his rims black and trimed the with red pinstripe tape, and pinstriped the whole truck down the sides. Told you, jack of all trades! I wish I could make more things for my hubby but he's not really the handmade type, so this was sooooo perfect for a gift for him.

I masked everything off. Sanded, and cleaned up everything with rubbing alcohol.

Primed and painted.

Used pin striping tape for the red detail. This can be bought at your local auto parts store. I got most of the supplies there and then whatever I couldn't find there, I got at walmart. Simple.

Final result. Happy Husband.

I am also working on a skirt, pics coming soon!


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