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Friday, July 8, 2011

Etsy Goodies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at the goodies I bought on etsy today! I can't wait till they get here and I can sew up something fabulous! The sizing is a little bigger than I actually am, but I can always make things smaller easier rather than make them bigger. I will be making the sleeveless blouse straight away! I think with a gingham, yes. The pattern is described as easy, that sound nice. I am all up for a challenge, but it is nice to do easy every once in a while. This is the pants/Capri's/shorts pattern that I picked up from the same shop on etsy. They have a great selection and amazing prices! You can check the shop out here http://www.etsy.com/shop/GBVintageSupplies . I really want to make some retro style pants. I love dresses but because I have 5 kids, I tend to wear more pants than anything else. I would love these in a nice stretch poplin or twill. Well that is it for my payday haul. Being short on funds makes my hauls small, but they pack a big punch! Can't wait for them to get here!!!!!!

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