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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finished Skirt #2

Here is the skirt that I hemmed in my tutorial. I am very happy with it all in all. It was pretty simple to sew up and fun to wear. This is my baby dog Gypsy! Isn't she cute!!!!!!!!!! Giving us a kiss!

Nice amount of fullness.

Fun for twirling!!!! I got dizzy though...

The hem that I worked so hard on!

The side zip and the fun little heart button. Funny thing is that I got the fabric, zipper , and button all at different times and placeswithout ever intending for them to go together! They worked out perfectly, being the same poppy red color. I got the button first, just one, at a yard sale with a bunch of other mismatched buttons. The zipper I got next at a different yard sale with a bunch of zippers and some old, 80's sewing books that I have since gifted to good will. The fabric was purchased at Fabric.com and it is by moda. YES IT IS QUILTING FABRIC!!!!! I said it, so there. I have no qualms about sewing with quilting fabric, especially the designer stuff which is high quality and pretty pricey if you ask me. So why not make a garment out of it? I wash all my handmade garments, no matter what fabric I use, on a delicate cycle. So why not? Now I am going off on a tangent about fabric choice which will be the topic of another post my friends! Back to my pics of this skirt, I hope there aren't too many. Overkill much?

View of the back. That is not a rodent on the floor, or atleast not a real one! It is the cats toy.

My hard earned hem once again. No wonky hem here, only smooth curves!

In the end I will definitely make this skirt again. I think I mentioned in my tutorial that you can get the pattern for a very reasonable price on burdastyle. It is the Linda pattern, so go pick that up. I am trying to get used to wearing skirts more often, I have always been a jeans kinda girl. This skirt seems like a good one to help bring me around. It has inspired me to make a few more skirts in my wardrobe. Next will be a gathered full skirt though, so look out for that! So that is it for this finished project post. Just one last pic, of me pretending to be a flamenco dancer, HAHA! Circle skirts do kinda feel a little Flamenco-ish! Ole!


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