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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Let's talk makeup! Makeup is one of my many obsessions! Little in this world can make me as giddy as a trip to the makeup store. I'd say that it is topped only by a trip to the fabric store, obviously!!!! I am a religious makeup wearer. I have every skin malady you could think of. I have adult acne, freckles, uneven skin tone and fine lines. I have used every product in the drug store with varying results and have gotten my acne under control, not cured, just under control. I am a woman of humble means who has five children to support, so you will not find me at the expensive department stores for almost any reason. I need products that I can buy at my local drug store, that deliver the best results for minimal impact on my cute little cheetah print wallet! I will discuss my skin care in another post, this is about makeup. First and most important to my routine is foundation. There is a reason why they call it foundation, it is the cornerstone of your makeup if you have imperfect skin. Some women can get away with light coverage, I can not. I found after extensive youtube video watching, that the Revlon Colorstay got the best reviews for a full coverage drug store foundation. I have tried many foundations that I hated and this is the first one that I absolutely LOVE!!!!!!!!! It offers a wide range of colors, and comes in 2 types. One for oily/combination skin and the other for normal/dry. I use oily/combination , my skin would fall in the combination zone. I have gone through a couple bottles of it and haven't found the perfect shade yet. The first was called fresh beige and was a bit too dark, just a touch, but still. The one I am using now is sand beige and it is just a touch too light, however the shade issues are not too severe to cause me to stop using the foundation till the last drop! The next time I have to buy a bottle I will go for a shade in between those 2 and hopefully find my foundation soul mate! The coverage is full. It covers all of my imperfections and the finish is matte so I don't even need a powder, which is great because I am nearing the big 30 and have fine lines that are more accentuated when I use powder, yuck! During the summer I also use a blush by Rimmel (not the one pictured below) as a bronzer. It is shade 020 spicy nude. I use a little all over and it adds the perfect touch of a summer glow.

This is the blush I use for actual blush. It is Rimmel 006 autumn catwalk. Depending on how you blend the 3 colors this blush can be very deep in color so I go light on it but it is the perfect pink blush in my opinion.
Now we move on to the ever important lip! I wear my lips red most of the time. My makeup look for every day is a retro throwback as I am a retro maven Mama! The red lip is essential to my look. I do change it up from time to time, usually with a pink lip, still pretty bright though. I will occasionally where lighter lip colors for a modern look but not very often. I always start my red lip with lip liner. This helps prevent the color from fading out into my little fine lip lines and keeps the color on my actual lips! I like NYX 817 Hot Red.

Now for the lipstick. There are many good lipsticks out there, these are the ones I have. I really only use one of them all of the time. These are Maybelline's Colorsensational line. The first one I bought was 645 Red Revival. This lipstick makes me feel uncomfortable when I wear it, like it is too dark. It is pretty but I think it clashes with my skin tone. The next 2 are 635 Very Cherry and 640 Ruby star. My favorite is Very Cherry, it is the perfect bright red. These lipsticks have no taste or odor which is important to me. The color is vibrant, moisturizing and pretty long lasting.

I have very sparse eyebrows! I can't stress the importance of eyebrow powder in my life! I don't use a pencil because it looks too harsh to me. Powder gives me the perfect natural full look that I want. This powder is one that I got 10 years ago!!!!! It is still going strong! I don't know what brand this is or even if it still exists, but I got it in a mall for maybe $12, it is easily the best money I have ever spent! I use black, because my hair is black and dark brown always looks too light. This, my friends is the best mascara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is by Rimmel and is called glam eyes. I naturally have pretty long eyelashes, but this mascara takes them up like 5 notches! It lengthens and separates and darkens them up. This mascara wipes away any crazy Ideas about falsies that I may have! I highly, highly recommend it!

This is the eyeshadow that I use on a daily basis. It is by NYC sparkle eye dust in 893 Champagne. This is a great neutral shade to contrast with my bright lips. It is shimmery and not glittery and goes on smoothly.

Finally, My liquid liner. This is equally as important to my everyday look as my red lip. This liner goes on smoothly and neatly and dark, nice true color. It is LA Splash in 13001 black. I but it at Ulta, for like $6. This liner helps me to make a perfect cat eye for my retro look and makes my dark brown eyes pop!

Well that is it for my makeup regimen. I hope that my recommendations come in handy for your trip to the drugstore! Until later, stay fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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