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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Date Night LBD

So sorry that I have been absent this week!!!!!!!!!!! Things have been crazy here this week in Casa De Lucha!!! I did get my sloper done and hopefully will get that post done before Thanksgiving!!!!!! But here is a finished project post to tide us over in the mean time.

First of all, look at the severe red eye here!!! I didn't correct this pic because I thought it was very interesting how my eyes completely match my lipstick!!! These red eyes were highly appropriate as I was all dressed up for a date night with the Mister to go see the latest installment of a guilty pleasure vampire flick that shall remain nameless due to the mixed feeling that run rampant about it!

I made this dress using New Look 6723 view D, which I have had for like 6 years believe it or not and just used for the first time!!!! I have to say that this pattern was very easy to make, it took me maybe 3 hours of actual sewing. I have even made it again in view B for Thanksgiving! For a pattern I haven't touched in 6 years, twice in one week says something! It is a great pattern and I only recommend a couple of changes, one, the arm holes seemed a bit, and I mean a very little, bit restrictive. Next time I may make them just the tiniest bit larger, but this is probably because I have a larger upper back, this alteration may not hold true for everybody. The second thing is that I don't really like the skirt. It is not full enough for my taste. I would draft a fuller skirt to go with it, I did for the Thanksgiving dress in fact.

I tied a red ribbon around my waist for a pop of color. It was ok, but the bow was wonky all night! I am experimenting with making some bow belts to add to my wardrobe, if I make anything good, I'll let you know how I did it!!!

Well that's it for my date night LBD. I will try to get my finished sloper post up by Tuesday and then hopefully I will have lots of pretty pictures to share of my thanksgiving celebration. I hope everyone is having a lovely time preparing for the impending feast!

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  1. Fabulous little black dress! Perfect for a night out!