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Friday, November 11, 2011

A Little inspiration...

I have officially named November as "Bite off more than you can chew" month. I am still working on getting a working sloper and have found a couple more resources to share on that front. I have no idea why this is turning out to be so challenging for me! I want it to be just right and am not having an easy time of it. The sloper I generated with the free software did not work out. It wasn't horrible, but it was far enough off that I would rather stick to trying to draft it by hand. I'm not saying that the software isn't good, it was more likely my measurement taking, which I stink at. It is hard to measure yourself! I hope to get this chapter in my personal sewing book closed by this weekend!!!! I have been getting a bit anxious with the whole thing and decided to start another project to work on simultaneously. This project is one from a pattern that I already have. It is a bit refreshing sometimes to just get started right away with a pattern and just sew away. So as far as  the sloper resources, here you go, a website here, where you plug in your measurements and then get detailed instructions on how to draft the front of a bodice sloper. And a youtube channel by the author of the book I have on drafting sewing patterns. If I can't get a sloper done using all of the resources that I have collected through out this time than I am truly a lost cause!

Moving on to some lighter fair, here are some pics for inspiration. These are pics of Jaime King on her new show "Hart of Dixie" starring Rachel Bilson. Now I have not seen this show so I have no Idea if it is any good, but by the wardrobe worn by Ms. King it may very well be worth a look, even if just to see her outfits every week. The various websites that have mentioned her style as an inspiration for fall, have dubbed it "Southern Belle" style, and while I can understand this reference, I would like to label her style as "Retro Fabulous" Do you agree?

Love a nice flower in my hair as well.

Love her use of cardigans!!!

This look is definitely a 70's look, but I love the seventies as well, it's a guilty pleasure of mine.

Here with the cast, she is a definite stand out!! Yellow is obviously a good color for her, not so much for me! But her look here, day dress with a cardi and neatly retro styled hair is a great every day look for any one who prefers a retro aesthetic. If it is cold you can throw on some stockings and a coat and this look goes through every season!!!!!
Have any of you seen the show? should I tune in? or is Jaime's wardrobe the only high note?

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