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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween with The Kiddos!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all had a fun and safe evening and got lots of candy and pics of your little ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last night was fun, and crazy hectic!!!!!! Halloween costumes were a race to the finish this year with my oldest son not deciding on a costume until the 28th and my costume getting done within 2 days at the very last minute. In the end though, I got a new blouse, a new skirt and a kitschy jacket, never to be worn again at the same time however, it was to much pink at once, I blinded some of the neighborhood kids.

Here we have(from left to right) a vampire, a lalaloopsy doll, a skeleton pirate, a wild animal, and a ninja. The ninja was a no sew project. Remember it was so last minute. Sometimes Halloween is about what you have and what you can make of it.

My Daughters dress was a success but her hair was not! I bought 2 different types of spray for our hair on Halloween. Mine was streaks and tips and hers was color bombz, both bought at Sally's. I can now tell you that the color bombz was a waste of money! It barely gave a vague tint to her black hair. I curled it and put her bangs into a pin curl.

My baby boy did not want to take any pictures, this was the best I got.

And here I am, in all my pink glory!!! I had to wear a black cardigan under my jacket because it was very chilly outside and my jacket was unlined. I ended up drafting the skirt and jacket myself because of a shortage of funds for pattern buying. Halloween should not put you in the poor house.

I used black fabric paint and free handed my jacket lettering, I think it came out swell.

Well that is it for my Halloween. It is November now, the year is just flying by. Time to get back to reality and start planning for the next holidays. I have a lot of sewing to do and meals to plan!!! I hope you all will continue to join me for those projects!!!!!

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