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Friday, June 10, 2011

First Friday



So, I woke up to my toddler playing with the batteries that I had charging on the wall, I desperately need to get the play pen tent that I saw on walmarts website! I do feel like it is a little jail like, but hey, cribs have bars for a reason right? I then went down stairs and let the dogs out, only for them to yet again, rip up the fresh sod we laid down last week. to round out my fabulous friday morning, the puppy pooped ON the kids bed! Yay me! Just another relaxing friday morning before work! On the upside, they replayed the Avatar book one finale episode on nicktoons this morning. One of my favorite episodes! love me some Avatar! I did get some pattern drafting done. Making swim trunks for the boys, I got Rocky's cut out this morning. The fabric is beyond cute! It is the same one that I used to cover his car seat. I bought it at Hawthorne threads, love that site. I am lining it with t-shirt fabric, cut out from a 4x t-shirt bought from foot action. Can't wait to sew it up.

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