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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Natasha Bedingfield - Strip Me

So I saw the movie Morning Glory last night. The movie was cute but the song at the end was life changing. I have had a very hard week. I have been doing a training at my day job for a possible promotion that would bring more stress to my life. I'm not so sure about money, but stress, yes. For this possible promotion I have to learn a lot of vocabulary that most people go to school for years to learn and I have to learn it in 3 weeks. The problem at the end of the day is not with the intense training or the long vocabulary lists that I will have to cram into my brain on my much cherished free time, but my own issues with self confidence and a resistance to change. I suffer from a lot of self doubt like many people. I am constantly looking to others for validation. This is an issue that I need to remedy with a swift kick in the ass. I need to gather up every self help tid bit that I have ever read as a status update on facebook and apply them in full force to my life. This song, strip me by Natasha Bedingfield is a tour de force. I love Natasha Bedingfield, her songs are very empowering. So when I heard this song last night at the end of the aforementioned cute movie, it was an aha moment. Apart from my job, I have also been sulking over unreceived validation for one of my sewing projects that I felt I deserved. Instead of brushing it off easily I have come up with all sorts of conspiracy theories about why I don't receive the praise that I feel I deserve. I realize that the problem is not external but internal. Everybody needs some measure of recognition for the works they do, that is how we measure success in our society. I however have always been a little Jack Kerouac about these kinds of things, but now in my adult years I started to bend a little to society's ever growing need for public validation. It is why we share everything on social networking sites, we put up our sewing projects on Burdastyle, and of course, we blog. In my aha moment, it hit me. I am successful by my own standards. I have a voice and something to say and that by saying those things, I continue to grow as a person, as a mother. I give my children the best example I can by being true to myself and believing in myself in the face of a challenge. I got all this from a song at the end of a movie. Ha, go figure! Listen to the song and get your daily dose of empowerment, I did.

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