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Friday, June 24, 2011

Quickie Sewing

I am making a swimsuit for Missy Xiu. It is out of left over fabric from my swimsuit, and a pink remnant that I had. I had no pattern so I am winging it. I basically took her measurements of her chest, hips, and torso length. I drew up a rough, and I mean rough paper pattern and cut out the fabric. I made a front and back with the crotch piece as part of the front piece. I pinned it to Missy's shirt and shorts on her body and just started cutting it while on her. I do not recommend this method of sewing, it comes with a lot of risk. I felt that I had nothing to loose with my scrap fabric so I just went with it. I lined it with the pink fabric and it will have accents in the pink fabric on the outside of the suit. This portion pictured is the body portion to which I will attach triangles for the chest portion. I sewed the lining and outer shell as if they were one layer. I serged all my seams inside and serged the legs and top together for ease of sewing the 2 layers as one. So that's it for my quickie sewing update. Have a great weekend everybody!!!!!!!

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