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Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday, eh.

How was your weekend? Mine was semi relaxing. We did not go on any great adventures this weekend. I think we are all still worn out from last weeks trip to the mountains! I did make an adventurous trip to best buy to purchase a new laptop, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I needed it for my day job. You see last week I was notified that I got choosen to participate in the training for a promotion! I would need a working computer to participate in the web portion however and my old laptop was not gonna cut it. I had had her since 2008 and she served me well but computers become outdated so quickly and simply can not keep up with all of the technology on the internet and what not. My husband was not at all too happy that we had to buy yet another computer. He thinks that it is a conspiracy from the computer companies. Like seriously, why can't they make a computer that will last you atleast 10 years? Maybe they do and it is just out of my price range.

In other news, I finished and documented a couple of my sewing projects. I finished my Burdastyle Alison bathing suit! I posted it to my studio on Burda which you can find here http://www.burdastyle.com/profiles/mamadiosa/my_studio. I got alot of comments on it whch I love sooo much. Everybody likes a little validation here and there. I make sure to thank each person who comments, cause I have manners like that-hehe! The pattern was free and you can find a link to it next to my creation. Maybe if I make it again I will do a tutorial. I also posted my new summer top, a shirred back bustier top that I used mcalls m6325 to make. I changed that pattern as well. I have a tendancy to adapt patterns to make them different than originally intended. Not because they aren't already fabulous, but because I have a certain vision and I can not compromise it. Anyways, I love the way the top came out. It is the perfect top for me. It has a retro flair with it's peplum and bustier style bodice. I plan on making like 5 more! I want one in black, leopard, and cherry print. Maybe polka dots and a pretty eylet fabric. I am eyeing a nice gingham, it's red with tiny red daisies. I also made my little Rocky's shorts. I am planning on buying some fabric and making my boys a few pairs each for the summer. Trust me, they need them. I will also make some house shorts for my hubby for fathers day. That is alot of sewing for someone with a hectic schedule! I am an optimist though, what can I say. So today is the beginning of the week, let's see how it goes.

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