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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sheets and Shower Curtains.

Happy Thursday! Things have been crazy here this week! I am going through a training at work and it is intense. It has robbed me of all of my inner peace at the moment. Cuban coffee is my rocket fuel right now. Don't you love my Cuban coffee cups? It is very hard to find a balance between work and kids and then you throw sewing in the mix and total chaos ensues! I have been a mother for 10 and a half years now and have yet to figure out how to make the most of my time. Usually the house keeping falls to the wayside, because it is what I like to do the least. Love a clean house, hate the actual cleaning of it. I finished the shorts that I was making for baby boy. They were easy and quick to sew up. They came out cute right?

The inside is lined with T-shirt fabric.

I am working on shorts for the other boys. I drafted the pattern for baby boys shorts myself, but decided to bust out this pattern that I bought on sale for $1 years ago. The pattern is for pants but that is easily turned into shorts. I bought the pattern in 2 sizes so that I would be able to make them these styles for years to come. I traced out the xs and s sizes and I have to say that they are huge! The style is supposed to fit baggy but the pattern is beyond baggy. The small will fit my 10 year old. I will use the xs for my 4 and 5 year old and just try them on a lot during sewing to make fit adjustments. These shorts will have in seam pockets and cargo pockets. I bought a gray flat sheet to make them. I recently discovered how great sheets are as fabric, but more on that in a minute.

I also made this week, a bib for my niece. I used scrap fabric, a piece of a space saver bag and shower curtain liner! The bib is wipe-able and so pink I could die! I love pink... sigh. So glad that I have my niece lil' boo, here so I can spoil her rotten with homemade pinkness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I whipped this up in 1 hour total.

So this morning before work I was working on another project, a wipe-able tablecloth for my huge table. I bought 2 flat twin sheets for $5 a piece. One was for the tablecloth and one for the boys shorts. My table is huge! It sits 8 and we have 10 people living in our humble home. Most people could do with one sheet for a table but I had to borrow some length from the boys gray sheet to make it long enough. This actually worked out well color wise because gray is one of the colors that I use in my kitchen. I will cover the whole thing with 2 pieced together clear PEVA shower curtain liners! This will make the tablecloth water resistant and stain resistant and cleanable. It will also protect my table from further damage from my wild children. I will upload pics when it is all done. It is super easy to do and in the end cost me about $10 total to make! I love being thrifty!

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