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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Catch up and Circle Skirt Progress

 Hello everybody!!!!! First of all, how much do you love the pictures of the lovely Katy Perry in the October issue of Instyle? I absolutely love the retro style she has in the shots. The juxtaposition of her pink hair and the 40's hairstyle is just genius. I love this style, it is similar to victory rolls but it isn't. As soon as my hair is grown out in the front I will be doing this, maybe even before then. Not the pink part though, I can only wear my hair black. My natural color is just about 1 shade lighter than black and I use black dye about every 3 months to add shine and dimension. Since my natural color is so dark I can not change it without bleaching first, which fries my hair. Trust me, I went blond last year and had to eventually cut all my hair off and let it grow back. My hair grows very quickly but it wasn't fun. I have been having a lot of fun with my hair and nails this week and soon I would like to do a couple of beauty posts. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Now on to sewing. For September, which is national sewing month, I am participating in a couple of sew alongs. First of all is a Simplicity sew along on facebook. All you have to do is sew any Simplicity or New Look pattern. I sewed up New Look 6598, a button up top with collar and sleeve variations. I sewed view B with some variations of my own. It has a shawl collar. I used a cure red fabric with black polka dots. Here is a not so great pic of me modeling it inside of Bass Pro Shop, I love that store!!!
 It is supposed to be semi fitted with ties in the back for added fitting. I eliminated this and used elastic in the back waist between the waist darts to add some more definition and I tailored the waist a bit more.I will put up better pics the next time I wear it so you can see the fit and sleeve detail a bit better. I am happy with it, it is a good addition to my wardrobe as I love separates.
 As you all know I am also sewing a circle skirt for Casey's sew along. I am using a cheetah print quilters weight cotton. I used 4 yards of this 44 inch fabric. I folded my fabric in half, cut edge to cut edge instead of selvage to selvage, this gave me the yardage needed for the circle skirt.I cut out a front and back piece to be sewn together with side seams. I inserted a centered zipper in the left side seam and attached my waist band and finished it with a button.
 It still needs to be hemmed, which I am doing with horse hair braid. This will be my first time hemming with horse hair braid so wish me luck!!! Here it is hanging on my dummy. Here it will hang until tomorrow or Friday when  get around to hemming it. I want to make a petticoat as well for this skirt but I don't know if I will get around to it in time to finish the sew along. I will probably put it up without the petticoat and finish that later.
So those projects will wrap up national sewing month for me. October is fast approaching and I have Halloween costumes to work on, so that should keep me quite busy, along with regular fall sewing. I hope all of you are having fun with sew alongs and all other sewing activities!!!!

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