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Monday, September 12, 2011

More on Sewing Pants

-In the spirit of sewing pants, I am posting a few links on the subject that I think you will all enjoy.
First of all this post has so much information, it is bound to answer many of your pants fitting questions.
-I not only made myself a brand new pair of pants for myself this week (pics coming soon) but I also altered a pair of jeans for my sister. They are more like jeggings, but they have a fly and button so kind of a jean jegging hybrid. Well anyway, my sister bought them right after having her baby, and now that Lil' Boo is 8 months old, my sis has lost about 30lbs!!!!! Woot woot for her huh!!!!!! She still has some weight to go but she is looking great! Since she still wants to lose some more weight, she does not want to waste money on any new jeans but the old ones were sagging something terrible!!! So I took them in quite a bit using this smart method by Grosgrain.
- During my sewing adventure this week, I learned a lot about fitting the crotch depth of pants because I have a longer torso, so this article is great on that subject.
-The fly in pants is an enigma, but with proper guidance you can get it down to a science. Check out this video over at Threads.
-And for another overall great tutorial for fitting pants check out this blog post by Claire Kennedy.

I hope that these links are helpful to any of you who would like conquer pants in the sewing room.

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