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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Drafting my Circle Skirt Pattern.

So it is time to get started on my circle skirt for Casey's Sew Along. First things first, we need to draft a pattern. Casey has the equations you will need up on her website, you can go check them out here.  I used my cutting board, which has all sorts of measurements marked on it, including the lines needed for circles. Perfect.

I taped together 4 pieces of tissue paper to use to draft my pattern. I use tissue paper because it is readily available, it is not big enough ever, but it is what it is. You can see right through the tissue paper to the lines underneath, just what we need.

Si I marked out my radius measurements on both sides of my right angle at the corner of my paper.


I connected the 2 marks using the round lid some Tupperware. This works well if you don't have a compass. I should buy a compass at some point though, huh?

So that circle quarter that we just marked is for the waist. Now I marked from the radius measurement, my skirt length measurement on both sides, just like the radius measurement. Then, I folded my paper in half diagonally so that I could use my little circular line on my cutting bored to cut the bottom of the pattern in a good circular shape. I cut it while folded in half. On Casey's blog she shows you how to draw dots all the way and connect them to make your quarter circle, but this method was easier for me seeing as though the lines were already there for me to cut along.

So there you have it. This is my quarter circle, without the waist circle cut out in this picture. You have to cut that out as well obviously. I will use this to cut the front and back of my skirt on the fold. You can also just cut threw a double layer with the pattern an make 4 sections to be sewn together instead of 2. So go on over to Casey's blog to get the math right for your circle skirt. Her explanation of how to draft the pattern is so clear and easy to follow you will be drafting your pattern in no time!!!!!!!!!!

Next time I will show you all of my supplies and get started on this so I can make it in time for the sew along! September in national sewing month and I am celebrating big. So far I have made 5 garments in the month of September and I am planning at least 3 more before the month is out. What can I say, my wardrobe was eerily empty, it needed a boost!

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