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Monday, September 26, 2011

Completed Circle Skirt

 Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! I completed my circle skirt for Casey's sew along!!!!!!!!! Here it is, in all it's leopard print glory!!!! I love this skirt!!!! It is an attention grabber, with all of that leopard, how could you not stare?
 It went together flawlessly. I did not have to rip a single stitch. Even the horse hair braid went in without a hitch. It did a great job of giving me a swinging hem. I feel very girly in it and am prone to fits of spinning while wearing it.
 So here are a bunch of Pics to celebrate it. On another note, I love my hair in these pics!!!! I set my hair using foam rollers a la Tasha!!! I will thank her endlessly for her tutorial which has changed my hair routine forever!!!!! You can check out her tutorial and have your mind blown here.

 Here I am showing off my horse hair braid, not trying to show off my pastey legs.
 Here I am walking back towards my house. My husband was very cute in taking pictures of me as I walked away.
And the funny candid shot. I need to close my mouth before I catch a fly in it.
Well there you have it. All in all it was such a fun simple project. Who doesn't love a circle skirt? And now thanks to Casey's measurements, I have a perfect circle skirt pattern which I went ahead and cut out in muslin to have to use forever and ever, or at least until I gain an obligatory 5 lbs during the holidays.

I have also noticed that I now have 15 followers!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!! I smell a give away coming!!!!           
Keep your peepers peeled!


  1. Congrats, your skirt looks fantastic! And I'm so happy the hair tutorial helped you! ♥

  2. Thank you Tasha! For the compliment and again for the hair tutorial!

  3. This skirt looks beautiful and is one of my favorites out of all of the ones sent in to Casey's blog. great job!

  4. Lovely skirt and lovely photos. Great job!!!

  5. Thank you all very much for your lovely comments!

  6. Hallo wunderschöne frau..dein foto gefällt mir..du bist echt süsse..hübsche.du siehst super sexy im Glockenrock aus...geiler weiter glockenrock gefällt mir wow geiler glockenrock....würde gerne mal live sehen wenn du den rock trags....l.g.