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Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Pics of the Shirt and Hemming the Skirt.

So as promised, here are some more pics of my shirt. It has a definite 40's feel to it even though it is a modern pattern. Again, it is New Look 6598 and I sewed view B.
The sleeves have this notch detail which was a bit of a pain to sew. In theory it was very simple, I just kept messing it up! You have to cut through the fabric right up to the stitching before you turn the notch or it will pucker something awful! I kept cutting through my stitching. So the notch is a bit bigger on my shirt than it is meant to be, oh well. The collar was also interesting to say the least. It goes together well, except the facing comes in 3 pieces which you have to sew together before attaching it. I only used 2 of the pieces. The third piece was for the very back of the neck at the very bottom. I found that I didn't need it. I know that the people who make these patterns know better than I do, but whatever. Next time I will re-draft the facing to include this portion but so that the facing is still done in 2 pieces.

                                            Check me out with my Katy Perry hair!!!!!!!

Now on to the circle skirt. I am hemming it with horse hair braid. I have never done this before so it is trial and error. I read a few tutorials online. One is by the wonderful Gertie. You can find it at her blog here. I also read an informative post over at Sew Country Chick.
First of all, I had no idea how much to buy, so I bought double the amount of my fabric. So I used 4 yards of fabric, and I bought 8 yards of HH braid, which ended up being more than I needed. First I sewed the braid to the outside all around the hem.
Then I folded it inward and pressed the fabric covered edge with my iron, careful not to press on top of the braid. I still have not sewed the braid down. I am afraid of this step. This braid does not have a string at the top to shape the braid in a curve. I read on Gertie's tutorial that the thinner braids don't have them because they are supposed to be easier to shape. Let's hope that is so. I will post the results of course so you will all know if I failed, here's to hoping I don't screw it up!!!!!!!!!!!

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