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Thursday, September 1, 2011

CIrcle Skirt Bonanza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With Circle skirts on the brain I dug out my simplicity pattern 2356 and got to work. I made Missy Xiu 2 circle skirts, the other will be up shortly. This is the first, a black fabric with dark grey paisley. She needed a simple black skirt to match all her t-shirts. It worked out so well. This pattern was so quick and easy to make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is required sewing for us girls with little girls of our own. It has a casing for elastic in the waist and the pattern calls for binding for the hem but I just narrow hemmed this one and it worked out well. The way that I narrow hem is that I first serge the whole hem and then just double fold that right under my presser foot as I go along. It is so easy!!!! This would work for any circle skirt, even adult ones. This pattern also comes with a slip pattern which is really like a tulle petticoat. I can't wait to make one of those, which can be used under the circle skirt or as a stand alone skirt.

September is national sewing month, so let's sew up all we can. My schedule has been crazy with school starting again, hence, less blogging recently. I hope to get back on track though and keep sewing as much as I can. I am still working on school clothes and fall clothes for me will start soon.
Has anybody started Halloween sewing yet, or thinking about it? I am planning costumes and will be posting soon on what the costumes will be. I hope to post once a week through out October about Halloween costumes in general and progress of the ones I am making. So look out for that!!! I hope everyone has a great long weekend!!!!!!!!

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